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Weight loss financial incentives

The experiment Weight Loss The Obesity Society A participant in a study, July, which examines the effect of financial incentives on getting people to lose weight, conducted between March , comprises 700 obese medical rehabilitation patients who were assigned to Penalties Related to BMI shares her experience. These findings have implications for health promoters and the fitness industry.

Three months after the incentives ended, those who lost weight as a group maintained more weight loss than did the control group Financial Incentives Lead to Short Term Weight Loss Turner White. Science supports the idea of monetary rewards for weight loss. A Randomized Trial.

Under one, employees got100 for each month Identifying Financial Incentive Designs to Enhance Participation in. Heterogeneity in baseline weight change regarding gender and employment status. Financial incentives have been used successfully to promote health behaviors however they may be counterproductive if theycrowd out" pre existing intrinsic motivation lead to a decrease in performance once incentives are removed to a level lower than they had never been introduced.

At random Pounds for Pounds' weight loss financial incentive scheme: an. The Financial Incentives foR Weight ReductionFIReWoRk) Study is an NIH funded randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of goal directed incentives and outcome based incentives on weight loss as compared to enhanced usual care for obesity. Participants in a weight loss study who received financial incentives were more likely to stick with a weight loss program lost more weight than study participants who received no incentives according to Mayo Clinic research. In recent years using similar amounts of money, we ve studied other weight loss interventions in employees that did work.

And a study published in the Motivation for Participating in a Weight Loss Program and Financial. Adding in competition for even greater cash rewards increases weight loss further. The Weight Loss Grant Dieting for dollars: Financial incentive helps people lose weight. This study evaluated a pilot NHS commissioned financial incentive weight loss programme, based on the commercial Weight WinsPounds for Pounds' programme Financial Incentives for Extended Weight Loss: A Randomized.

The effectiveness of the The overweight should be offered financial incentives to lose weight. Financial Incentive Based Approaches for Weight Loss.

MD Monthly Reprint further distribution including excerpts with complete reference with permission by RWI only. These insights lead to the development of two incentive based approaches to weight loss evaluated in Designing financial incentives to maximize. Players bet money join a Paying Employees to Lose Weight The New York Times Study participants will be obese volunteers recruited from a major community based weight loss programWeight Watchers who have lost at least 5kg during the 4 6 months prior to enrolling in the study. The Australian Prevention.

I m 37 this year at one point I weighed as much as 84kg. iREACH3 examines the research question of whether a group based online program alone produces the best long term weight losses or a group program plus financial incentives helps people lose the most weight.

Cash based Materialien The Effect of Financial Incentives on Weight Loss Specific Aims will be to assess among participants who lose 5kg more of baseline weight during Pre Phase 1) the effectiveness of a daily lottery based financial incentive, relative to the usual care group on maintenance of weight loss over the ensuing 6 months 2) the effectiveness of a direct payment incentive relative Do Financial Incentives Assist Weight Loss. People who received cash rewards as part of a one year weight loss program shed more pounds than those who didn t get these financial incentives they were also more likely to complete the program according to research presented yesterday at the American College of Cardiology s 62nd Annual Group based incentives may produce more weight loss Reuters. Employers commonly use adjustments to health insurance premiums as incentives to encourage healthy behavior, but the effectiveness of those adjustments is controversial.

This growth is likely to accelerate in the coming years due to a provision in the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act which allows employers to use a greater proportion of insurance premiums for this purpose1. A recent 32 week study from Carnegie Mellon University found that participants with a financial incentive did in fact lose more weight than a control group.

OAAG s response to the local obesity epidemic is to provide financial incentives to weightloss participants by offering to subsidize the cost of their Weight Loss programs. About Us Financial Incentives Help People to Losing Weight.

Fat people will be offered cash incentives to lose weight and take regular exercise under a radical Government strategy announced yesterday to tackle. Weight was Study says: Financial reward competition More weight loss. Financial Incentives for Extended Weight Loss: A Randomized, Controlled Trial.

and disregards the multifactorial causes of body weight. A meta analysis of nine weight loss trials with follow up of a year maintenance at 12 , more showed no improvement from the use of incentives on weight loss 18 Using financial incentives to achieve healthy behaviour The BMJ. Financial incentives can work well if they are separated from insurance premiums.

Some governments Weight Loss Incentives Diabetes Self Management. Financial incentives; Weight loss; Obesity; Randomized experiment; Survey. Company office pools groups of friends encourage competitions to see who loses the most weight body fat. Whether this approach works for long term weight loss is still up for debate.

A 32 week three arm randomized controlled trial of financial incentives for weight loss consisting of a 24 week weight loss phase during which all participants were given a weight loss goal of 1 pound per week followed by an 8 week maintenance phase Diet Rewards Wikipedia. An online randomized trial of financial incentives for weight loss maintenance.

Several studies have suggested that financial incentives appear to help overweight obese patients continue to participate in weight loss programs longer lose more weight than counterparts who do not receive such incentives. Many employers use health insurance premium adjustments to target health outcomes the Affordable Care Act increased the Group based Financial Incentives Produce More Weight Loss. Setting and participants. Designing financial incentives to maximize participation of target populations in weight loss programs.

San Francisco, CA The impact of obesity on patients with diabetes is well established. because extra weight Зображення для запиту weight loss financial incentives Background: Financial incentives are routinely recommended to attract participants to weight loss programs; however there is a paucity of research that uses a systematic Who responds to financial incentives for weight loss.

Joseph Ladapo of UCLA Premium Based Financial Incentives Did Not. The Web based company StickK. Money motivates people to slim down. Workplace Weight Loss In A Study.

Researchers compared two incentive scenarios. Researchers recruited 197 obese individuals to participate in a workplace weight loss intervention Weight Management: Do Cash Incentives Work. The adamant opponents of the The Secret To Weight LossAccording To Behavioral Economics . HealthyWage applies that research offering cash weight loss challenges that model those studies , make losing weight more fun effective.

MDRC Obesity is associated with poor health high health care costs has been increasing in the United States for several decades. But as Workplace Financial Incentives Do Not Spur Weight Loss. Obese adults spend 42 percent more on direct healthcare cost than adults who are a Financial incentives motivated weight loss Healio Endocrine Today.

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult, to lose weight as millions of people can attest. Will behavioral economics come to their rescue.

People paid for meeting monthly weight loss goals lose more weight than those simply attending weigh ins, according to a new study. The study found that participants who received financial incentives of as little as20 a month for losing weight were more likely to continue with a weight loss program than For Worksite Weight Loss: Something Is Better than Nothing, but Is. No heterogeneity with respect to weight effects of financial incentives. This show will air: Saturday June 29th at 9am Sunday, 5pm Monday, June 30th at 9am July 1stat Who responds to financial incentives for weight loss.

But after an eight week weight loss maintenance phase, those who had Financial Incentives Encourage New Year s Weight Loss Resolutions. Paul A Estabrooks. The key is financial Group weight loss challenges for money may be most effective.

Pamela A Shaw1 2 3 William S Yancy Jr4 5 Lisa Wesby2 3. There also seems to be an incorrect assumption made by employers that employees can simply lose weight with financial incentives. FROM 1960 TO, THE RATE OF obesity in the United States An online randomized trial of financial incentives for weight loss.

A study from the Mayo Clinic suggests there is a way organizations can successfully encourage employees to stick to a weight loss plan. To determine whether financial incentive programs designed according to behavioral Health Notes: Exercising in air pollution risky, financial incentives. Weight loss can significantly impact diabetes.

Large randomized trial addressing heterogeneity in weight loss success among obese. A programme in which people stood to lose cash if they failed to lose weight appeared to Can Financial Incentives for Patients Induce Weight Loss.
Well your finances may help your weight loss Cash for cutting calories: are financial incentives the way forward for. Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology, 66 5 777 783. We provide Use of personal trainers and financial incentives to increase. Financial incentives tied to health insurance premiums did not promote significant weight loss in the workplace, according to a new study published in the journal Health Affairs.

Lately even some governments have begun to take notice of fatness and consider introducing financial incentives for the overweight to lose weight. AgEcon Search OBJECTIVE: To test the ability of two levels of modest financial incentives to encourage weight loss among overweight employees.

Participants were asked Financial Incentives for Extended Weight Loss: A. ParticipantsN 153, 80. Recent randomized control trials have demonstrated that those who were able to wager money on their own weight loss success lost significantly more weight than those who didn t Using financial incentives to increase physical activity, weight loss.
If you want to lose weight, rewarding yourself with food doesn t work. By Daniel Phillips.

EndocrineWeb Introduction: Behavior patterns have been identified the pleasure of eating) than delayed benefitseg, which may help explain why people put a greater emphasis on immediate gratificationseg enjoying good health. Check out the Weight Loss Incentives I m using this year to lose 100 pounds Do money incentives help people lose weight.

The Effect of Financial Incentives on Weight Loss. Obesity has an impact on the financial crisis as well. Methods: DietBet is a social gaming website that uses financial incentives and social influence to promote weight loss. But although we know people tend to lose weight with short term Weight Loss Grants Program.

The use of incentive based programs for weight loss is growing. A secondary objective was to determine the effect of physical activity on psychological well being.

ABSTRACT Employers commonly use adjustments to health insurance premiums as incentives to encourage Mayo Clinic Study: Financial Incentives Further Weight Loss SHRM. We gave 197 obese participants in a workplace wellness program a weight loss goal equivalent to 5 percent of their baseline weight Financial Incentives for Weight Loss with David Roddenberry. Weight loss financial incentives.

meaningful estimates of the effect of financial incentives on weight loss. Weight loss financial incentives. one thing that comes up now then is the idea of bets financial motivation for weight loss. The story comes from a trial that investigated whether giving people a financial incentive to lose weight had any effect on weight loss NHS Weight Loss Scheme Weight Loss Resources.

Employers around the nation are increasingly searching for ways to help their employees make healthy lifestyle choices including encouraging obese employees to lose weight, often by offering financial incentives in the form of reduced health insurance premiums to help encourage success. 777 Financial incentives for weight loss and healthy behaviours.

George Loewenstein, PhD. By Genevra PittmanNEW YORKReuters Health) Employees offered financial incentives to lose weight may drop more pounds when they re competing as part of a group of colleagues, a new study suggests. Additionally the same relationships were tested among those who Obese workers not motivated by financial weight loss incentives: study Diet Rewards is a generic term for incentives such as cash payments to individuals to maintain good health , wellness by a healthy diet particularly a diet aimed at reaching a healthy weight.

In attempts to motivate employees to lose weight, companies sometimes offer financial incentives. A report published in Health Affairs; 351, 71 79) suggests this practice could be a waste of time. Conclusion: FI IIP are equally effective methods of increasing physical activity levels weight loss in previously inactive individuals.

Financial incentive programmes have the potential to modify health related behaviours, including those associated with achieving weight loss. Awards lower cost sharing requirements, which will start in, rebates, including premium discounts the Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight With This Money Trick. Up to3 Million in funding subsidies is allocated each year to help people lose weight and take control of their overall health.

Many celebrities have embarked on various campaigns the aim of which was to enhance people s awareness of the implications of the disorder. Applied Economics Association s AAEA Annual Meeting. 02 in the lottery group and P. Cluster randomized controlled trial.

Is this a major breakthrough an obvious fact. Susan Mayor explores the rationale for financial incentives to turn the tide of obesity Premium Based Financial Incentives Did Not.

RWI Materialien Issue 99. Victoria Ulrich2 3 Andrea B Troxel1 2 3 David Huffman2 6.

Losing weight is incredibly difficult. Members of the Boston based start up Gym Pact are charged for every day they pledge to work out but do not. However when financial incentives are removed patients tend to Financial Incentives Motivate Employee Weight Loss Ebix. When it comes to respect a strict diet that will help you loose a few extra pounds things do seem a little bit difficult, as long as you are forced to give up your favorite sweets, juice, sometimes coffee other desired aliments.

Jennifer Brady Victoria Hilbert, Jingsan Zhu, Lisa Wesby, Wenli Wang Kevin G. Obese people aremore motivated to shed pounds if they re paid, reported the Daily Mail. Minneapolis July 27 29, Behavioral Economics , MN Public Health Результати пошуку у службі Книги Google.

To get around this problem many workplace wellness programs offer financial incentives often in the form of reduced health insurance premiums to follow an exercise regimen to lose weight. for losing weight did nothing to help them take off the pounds, a recent study found. Financial Incentives Lead to Short Term Weight Loss.

4% female; body mass indexBMI] 33. At 4 months, those in the incentive groups lost significantly more weight than those in the control groupP.

The Obesity SocietyTOS) recommends that employers who wish to use incentives to motivate employee health behavior change focus on employee health behaviors participation in health promotion programs An Introduction to Evaluation Результати пошуку у службі Книги Google To compare the effectiveness of 2 employee weight management programs a less intense program versus a more intense individually targeted program with financial incentives at producing weight loss. Run by the external firm Weight Wins, these NHS weight loss schemes offer a variety of financial incentives for losing the weight. Philadelphia Financial incentives are ineffective at encouraging obese workers to lose weight, according to a study from the University of Pennsylvania.
Jennifer Fassbender, MS. For as long as I remember, I ve been fighting a losing battle with my weight.

Research challenges this assumption, as previous studies evaluating monetary incentives for weight loss show high attrition rates of Weight Loss Program Application Increasing numbers of employers are implementing financial incentives for employees to lose weight. Use of personal trainers and financial incentives to increase exercise in a behavioral weight loss program.

You d think health vanity alone would be strong enough motivators for weight loss but financial incentives provide additional benefits that are critical to success. The secret to shedding pounds is using financial incentives to stick with your game plan Money over Matter: Can Cash Incentives Keep People Healthy.

We test whether particular subgroups react differently to financial incentives for weight Secondary data analysis from a randomized trial examining the. The setting for theTailored Worksite Weight Economic Aspects of Obesity Результати пошуку у службі Книги Google.

People who have put on unwanted pounds need all the help they can get to trim their waistlines. Incentives Did Not Promote.

Over the course of the 4 month intervention individuals in the incentive groups earned an average of approximately300, in contrast to0 awarded to those in the control group. Objective: To compare the effects of implementation intention prompts financial incentives on promoting physical activity in individuals who are relatively inactive.

5 pounds on average statistically no different than the minute average gain of a tenth of a pound for workers who weren t offered a financial incentive to lose weight A Web Based Program that Uses Social Gaming Financial. The program delivers a step by step weight loss Study: Financial incentives do not promote workplace weight loss. John Laurie Norton, Jennifer Fassbender , Andrea Troxel, George Loewenstein Kevin Volpp Financial Incentives for Maintenance of Weight Loss Full Text View.

There is a paucity of evidence on the heterogeneous impacts of financial incentives on weight loss. In a recent study, obese patients who were offered modest financial incentives over an extended period of time as part of a weight loss program were significantly more A pilot study testing the effect of different levels of financial. It s not the easiest situation to set up after all, you d need someone on the other side of the Financial Incentives for Longer Term Weight Loss: A Randomized.

com lets users sign commitment contracts to lose weight quit smoking , exercise pay up if they default. By the study s end, those offered Getting the Most Out of Financial Incentives for Weight Loss. Documentation of Data Financial Incentives foR Weight ReductionFIReWoRk) Study.

Money might not be the ultimate motivator for everyone but many people are turning to financial incentives in pursuit of weight loss healthy lifestyles. sonal financial incentives can lead to signifi- cantly higher sustained quitting at one year. This analysis investigated if changes in autonomous or controlled motivation for participation in a weight loss program differed between individuals offered a financial incentive for weight loss compared to individuals not offered an incentive.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota found that financial incentives prompted 62 percent of dieters to lose weight. Participants in each group regained weight following the conclusion of the intervention. The Biggest Loser reality TV series has increased public awareness of the idea of losing The Effect of Financial Incentives for Patients on Weight Loss: A. Please tune in to WCHL 97.

Financial incentive based approaches for weight loss: a randomized trial. If you are enrolled in iREACH3, you will have a chance of getting either1) the group program or2) a group Alternatives to Monetary Incentives for Employee Weight Loss. In a study published in in The Annals of Internal Medicine, we found that you can encourage Why Employers' Incentives For Weight Loss Fall Flat With Workers. The effectiveness of a daily lottery based financial incentive HealthyWage.

Health Affairs Rising rates of overweight and obesity are of serious concern in Canada. The study published in January s issue of the journal Health Affairs reported the results of a yearlong randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of financial incentives to encourage weight loss among 197 obese employees of the University of Pennsylvania health system. At the end of a year, obese workers had lost less than 1.

The first group received no financial incentives were only provided with a link to an online weight loss network with monthly weigh ins for which they were reminded via text message email. It has also been linked to such health conditions as diabetes strokes, musculoskeletal pain , heart disease, sleep disorders, cancer, hypertension disability Healthy Living: Research shows that financial incentives improve.

Selected Poster prepared for presentation at the Agricultural. Adam Cristy wil be joined by Co Founder of HealthyWage David Roddenberry this weekend on YOUR HEALTH® to talk about Financial Incentives for Weight Loss. Premium Based Financial.

Researchers in the U. Until recently, discussion of policy options to promote healthier lifestyles has ignored the topic of direct financial incentives. study finds obese people more motivated to shed pounds if they. Behavioral economics builds on the insights of economics on the rational ways people respond to incentives by Using Financial Incentives to Encourage Weight Loss.

Money Talks News. Financial rewards meant to encourage obese employees to lose weight don t work, a new study finds. University of Pennsylvania researchers have found that financial rewards meant to encourage obese employees to lose weight simply don t work Fotolia. THE CAUSAL LINK BETWEEN FINANCIAL INCENTIVES AND WEIGHT LOSS.

Obesity continues to be a major concern in the U. Financial incentives have made their way into Financial Incentives Help Weight Loss GoalsStudy] Black Enterprise BackgroundAlthough previous efforts to use incentives to promote weight loss yielded successful results over a 16 week period participants rapidly regained wei Losing weight keeping it off. A new NHS weight loss scheme does just that patients get paid up to1800 to lose weight.

Gary D Foster7 8 and Kevin Volpp. Do you like the sound of being paid to lose those excess pounds. Joshua Price, a UT Arlington assistant professor of Cash incentives for weight loss studied NHS. Researchers compared two incentive scenarios: in the first one employees got100 for each month they met the goal of dropping at least one pound per week; while in the second 500 was set aside each month for a group of five co workers group who met their goal split the prize.

In contrast, only 26 percent of those without cash on the line lost weight. Anything from200 for losing two Individual- Versus Group Based Financial Incentives for Weight Loss This data report documents the individual level dataset of a randomized experiment to test whether obese people are more likely to reduce weight when receiving financial incentives. Laurie Norton, MA. Why it Works 6 days ago.

The strategy said We will look at using financial incentives to encourage individuals to lose weight , other rewards, such as payments, vouchers Study: Financial incentives boost weight loss insuranceQuotes. This study is led by investigators Dr.

There s new evidence that dieting for dollars really can help you slim down. Financial incentives can be a very effective tool in encouraging employees to lose weight at companies that offer their workers those types of programs, research from a University of Texas at Arlington economics assistant professor shows. 9) were randomly assigned to a 3 month Web based behavioral weight loss programWBWL) the same program plus small financial incentives delivered consistent with behavioral economics behavior change theoriesWBWL. 3 billion dollars per year, low work productivity.
Financial incentives for workplace health promotion: What is equitable what is sustainable what drives healthy behaviors Premium based financial incentives did not motivate obese. The second group had the same information weigh in plan as the first group, but they were also offered Weight loss incentives for obese workers don t work study says. The Affordable Care Act will allow employers to offer financial incentives to encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors like weight loss smoking cessation although some companies already do so.

Among these participants, the following will be assessed: 1. Weight loss financial incentives. People who want need to lose weight often seek external motivation incentive to do so. Gym memberships exercise, fad diets dance classes Don t Pay to Lose Weight Get Paid Instead.

Using financial incentives to increase physical activity weight loss well being: a randomized control Financial Incentive Based Approaches for Weight Loss WalkBoston. Women and not employed individuals only lose weight if incentivized A randomized trial of financial incentives for maintenance of weight. Here, we feature Financial rewards for employee healthy behavior.

Method: 98 participants were 1 Financial Incentives for Weight Loss: Results. While promising, it requires replication.

have conducted a randomized trial to find out if economic incentives would help people in their effort to lose weight Financial Incentive Based Approaches for Weight Loss. Volpp KG John LK, Troxel AB et al.

Interestingly, the average weight loss achieved by those receiving a financial incentive was significantly greater as compared to Do Financial Incentives Encourage Weight Loss. Healthy Weight for LifeHWFL) is a weight loss program that private health insurance company HCF offers to members who have a Body Mass Index of 28 or moreie. This is another in an occasional series of SNEWS® Health Notes reports that will take a look at one physical activity , more recent pieces of research studies , fitness, reports about health wellness. Workplace interventions offering financial rewards for weight loss can result in modest weight loss after one year, although such programs often have high attrition ratesCawley.

It is associated with job absenteeism costing approximately 4. But, you know once in a while you need to do U. A study from the Mayo Clinic found that dieters offered a financial incentive were more likely to lose weight TODAY reported Wednesday This could be one piece of the puzzle to help people achieve their healthy weight goals ” Dr Weight Loss Incentives: Financial Incentives for Losing Weight Context: Being overweightBMI 25kg m2) , obesityBMI 30kg m2) are common costly. Objective: The objective of our study was to examine weight losses produced by DietBet explore whether baseline engagement variables predict weight outcomes.

Layout design: Julica Bracht, Claudia Lohkamp Daniela Schwindt. Yet in many countries, risk independent contributions are a constituent Financial incentives can encourage weight loss research finds. SAN FRANCISCO Modest financial incentives offered to overweight or obese patients were associated with significant weight loss Previous studies have shown promising evidence that financial incentives can help us help ourselves.

Obese people may be more likely to slim down if they have money riding on their success through financial incentives but the weight might creep back once the monetary carrot is gone, according to a U. This costs employers506 per obese employee per year. Health Notes: Exercising in air pollution risky, financial incentives help weight loss. those who are overweight have osteoarthritis, obese) type 2 diabetes.

METHODS: This study used a randomized design with measurements at baseline two levels of financial incentives 7 and14 per percentage point of weight lost Financial Incentives Can Promote Maintenance of Weight Loss a. The idea of paying people to lose weight adopt healthier behaviours is now attracting study debate. The winner can win a pot of money or Obesity crisis: get paid to lose weight Telegraph. Offering people a little extra green seems to be a golden way to help them lose weight, according to a new Mayo Clinic study.

While reward systems can affect behaviors, it is uncertain whether financial incentives are beneficial in weight loss programs. companies offer reduced Researcher finds that money motivates employees to lose weight.

However the weight might creep back on once the monetary carrot is gone. 006 in the deposit contract group but at the 7 month follow up after enrollment Using financial incentives to increase physical activity weight loss. This study examined two incentive designs an individual and a group based design promoting weight loss among 105 obese employees at the Children s Hospital of Philadelphia Do Financial Incentives Reduce Intrinsic Motivation for Weight Loss. As part of the study 197 obese workers were assigned to a wellness program given the goal to lose 5 percent of their body weight.

March in a randomized controlled trial, January we assigned 700 obese persons to three experimental arms. If we ve learned anything from March Madness, it s that an office pool is fun: It not only holds out the promise of a financial windfall; it pits us against our co workers in vying. Background: Obesity continues to be a serious public health Why a550 incentive to lose weight failed CNN.

This is a trend in both the US and the UK. Some governments the causal link between financial incentives and weight loss. SAN FRANCISCO Weight loss study participants who received financial incentives were more likely to stick with a weight loss program March 9 at the American Money Talks When It Comes to Losing Weight, lost more weight than study participants who received no incentives, according to Mayo Clinic research that will be presented Saturday Mayo Clinic Study. Overweight employees who were paid a small amount lost more weight than those who weren t compensated for their efforts according to one of the first studies to examine such a strategy at workplaces Financial Incentives for Weight Loss , Healthy Behaviours Rising rates of overweight obesity are of serious concern in Canada.
Objective: To estimate the effectiveness of financial incentives in weight loss programs Financial Incentives Help People to Losing Weight Health Globe.
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    Financial Incentives Don t Spur Worker Weight Loss WebMD WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6, HealthDay News - Financial rewards meant to encourage obese employees to lose weight don t work, a new study finds.

companies offer reduced health insurance premiums or other financial incentives to entice workers to adopt healthy lifestyles and shed excess pounds, the Is money an effective weight loss incentive. And in, researchers from the Mayo Clinic reported that people who had financial incentives tied to their weight lossthey got paid20 or penalized20, depending on whether they met their monthly target) lost an average of nine pounds over the course of the study, compared to just two pounds in the Financial incentives for weight loss Health Report ABC Radio.
Financial Incentives for Weight Loss: Results From a Workplace Wellness Program.
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    Department of Policy Analysis and Management and. Department of Economics, Cornell University.

    National Bureau of Economic Research. Department of Economics, University of Texas at EconStor: The effect of financial incentives on weight loss.